Our mission is to help businesses improve their cyber security.

We are PentestIQ, a security firm headquartered in San Francisco, California. Founded by security engineers with over two decades of experience working on security projects for the Pentagon, DoD, IRS and Fortune 100 clients.

Our best in class pentesting service has won awards and industry recognitions. We empower engineering, security, and compliance teams around the world to build compliant and secure software companies.

Modern Penetration testing for engineers by engineers.

Customer Obsessed Security Engineering

Our unwavering commitment revolves around a profound understanding of our customers' cybersecurity requirements, challenges, and aspirations. Rather than merely acknowledging their cybersecurity responsibilities and pain points, we proactively seek out innovative strategies and technologies to empower them in achieving best-in-class security.


Over a thousand companies use PentestIQ to help run their business, from a COVID tracking app bringing millions of students back to the classroom, to a tool that accelerates student loan decisions, to new workflows to scale customer support.

The Leader in

AI-assisted pentests

At PentestIQ, we pride ourselves on being the leader of AI-assisted penetration testing, setting the benchmark for innovative and comprehensive security audits. Our data driven approach leverages the power of artificial intelligence to conduct penetration tests with unmatched detail and depth. As our AI systems accumulate data year after year, they become increasingly adept at identifying vulnerabilities, including subtle and complex security gaps that traditional methods may overlook. This growing data set empowers our penetration tests to evolve, mirroring the ever-changing threat landscape and providing our clients with a dynamic defense mechanism.

Complementing our advanced AI technologies, PentestIQ boasts a team of U.S.-based security engineers who bring their expertise to the table, working in tandem with our AI tools to scale our efforts efficiently. This powerful human-AI pairing ensures that each penetration test is not only thorough but also tailored to the unique needs and configurations of our clients' systems.

Our engineers enhance the AI's findings with nuanced insights and real-world experience, offering a level of service that goes beyond automated scans. The result is a robust, insightful penetration testing service that maximizes security resilience for our clients, safeguarding their systems against both current and emerging threats with precision and adaptability. With PentestIQ, businesses are not just hiring a penetration testing service; they are investing in a continuously improving shield, fortified by the synergy of human expertise and artificial intelligence.